2019/2020 Cup Draws

August 2019.

Friday 2nd. Jimmy Veitch 3-man(Tulloch).
Winners- C. Nicol, S. Fotheringham & I. Dixon
Runner up- J. Donnelly, F. Hodge & B. Rennie

Friday 9th. R. A. S. C. Cup 1st round.
Ex Service 83-104 Tulloch
Staff Club A 100-88 Ex Service B

Tuesday 13th. R. A. S. C. Cup 2nd round.
Tulloch 98-82 Staff Club A
Black Watch 111-103 City Sports
Legion Ex Service 100-111 Tulloch Saints
Letham A 101-125 Staff Club

Tuesday 20th. Perth and district Ex Serviceman’s League Challenge Cup 1st Round.
City Sports 92-122 Tulloch Saints
Ex Service 84-93 Staff Club A

Friday 23rd. R. A. S. C. Cup Semi Final and Final(Saints).
Tulloch won against Black watch
Tulloch Saints won against Staff Club

Winners- Tulloch
Runner Up- Tulloch Saints

Tuesday 27th. Perth and district Ex Serviceman’s League challenge cup 2nd round.
Tulloch Saints 107-118 Staff Club A
Letham A 106-119 Staff Club
Black Watch 89-128 Legion Ex Service
Ex Service B 92-103 Tulloch

September 2019.

Tuesday 3rd. Jimmy Veitch Cup 1st round.
Legion Ex Service 114-107 Letham A
Staff Club A lost against Tulloch

Friday 6th. Perth and district Ex Serviceman’s League challenge cup semi final and final(Ex service).
Staff Club A won against Staff Club
Legion Ex Service won against Tulloch

Winners- Staff Club A
Runner Up- Legion Ex Service

Tuesday 10th. Jimmy Veitch Cup 2nd round.
Legion Ex Service 93-85 Tulloch
Ex Service B 111-113 Ex Service
City Sports 96-116 Black Watch
Tulloch Saints 84-91 Staff Club

Tuesday 17th. Tulloch Trophy 1st round.
Ex Service B won against Letham A
Tulloch 116-106 City Sports

Friday 20th. Jimmy Veitch Semi Final and final(Tulloch).
Legion Ex Service v Ex Service
Black Watch v Staff Club

Winners:- Black Watch
Runner up:- Legion Ex Service

Tuesday 24th. Tulloch Trophy 2nd Round.
Ex Service B 97-77 Tulloch
Tulloch Saints 103-95 Black Watch
Legion Ex Service 119-111 Ex Service
Staff Club A 105-103 Staff Club

October 2019.

Tuesday 1st. I. N. C. Cup 1st round.
Letham A 93-85 Ex Service B
Black Watch 100-96 Ex Service

Friday 4th. Tulloch Trophy Semi Final and final(Tulloch).
Ex Service B v Tulloch Saints
Legion Ex Service v Staff Club A

Winners:-Ex Service B
Runner up:-Staff Club A

Tuesday 8th. I. N. C. Cup 2nd round.
Letham A 105-101 Black Watch
Legion Ex Service won against City Sports
Staff Club A 91-86 Tulloch
Staff Club 108-103 Tulloch Saints

Friday 18th. I. N. C. Cup semi final and final. (Staff Club). 
Letham A  v Legion Ex Service
Staff Club A v Staff Club

Winners:-Legion Ex Service
Runner up:-Staff Club A

November 2019.

Friday 1st. McEwan’s pairs(Tender).

Winners:-D.Delpippo and D.Rylance
Runner up:-K.Dods and I.McKay